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Affordable Solar.

Your partner in sustainability and savings.

There are other solar providers out there. Lots of folks who can sell you solar technology. Other people who can install your panels. But at EnPower, we do things a little differently. We realize for solar to work for you, you need support — guidance, assistance, resources, and ongoing maintenance.

Which is why when we work with you, we don’t install some panels and leave. We partner with you for the long haul. We build it. We operate it. We maintain it without your involvement. We’re here when you need us, and even when you don’t. And, no, it doesn’t cost more. It’s just that we gave you our word solar would work for you — and we’re going to make sure it does.

Who can go solar with us?

Well, we’re happy to talk with just about anyone. But right now, we have three core areas of focus:

Educational Institutions

Solar is a perfect fit for school campuses of any size and location. As education budgets grow tighter each year, the cost savings will certainly be important — as will the reliable, affordable backup power solar provides. On-campus solar power also presents a host of teaching and research opportunities whether it’s developing courses of study promoting career-readiness curriculum at the high school level or departmental study and research at the university level.


Affordable, reliable power is essential for virtually all functions of today’s highly computerized and digital medical facilities. Having reliable, affordable backup power — which solar can provide — is a must. What’s more, solar can provide significant monthly savings while also helping the facility reduce its carbon footprint and increase appeal among the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.


Every community operates on tight margins, and solar can help save money on power bills every single month. What’s more, a community’s access to its network and data are critical to the daily function of its departments, and having reliable, affordable backup power — which solar can provide — is an absolute must.