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Local Power. Global Good.

Clean energy needs to happen now.

If you’re even considering switching to solar, you understand the importance of reducing our country’s reliance on fossil fuels and rapidly increasing our use of clean, sustainable energy sources. There’s no more kicking the can down the road, or letting the next generation worry about it. Clean energy needs to happen now, and on a global scale. When you partner with EnPower and switch to solar, you will be doing your part. You’ll also be making a very loud and clear statement that protecting our planet matters to you.

Helping you go solar is our passion.

We want to help your organization get on the solar bandwagon, start relying on clean energy, and save money. We also want to educate and empower people on a local level and support sustainable community development. This is our niche and our passion. We’d love to share it with you.

The kids are the future of sustainability.

Like we’ve said, we have a passion for clean energy and believe our kids will be the next generation to find even more solutions to protect our fragile world. We have developed courses of study designed to integrate solar into the STEM curriculum as well as other career-readiness programs for FFA (Future Farmers of America) and other professional trade programs. Our passion extends beyond our business to encouraging curiosity and exploration and setting all our kids on a clean-energy path.